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Ittihad’s Investment Portfolio across Sectors


With leading companies championing innovation, this portfolio is building a diversified and sustainable economy.

Ittihad Paper Mill (IPM)

IPM is the first printing and writing paper mill in the GCC and the largest in the MENA region, covering both regional and international demand by supplying products to over 50 countries, reaching a 62% global export level. Set up in ICAD-II occupying a 250,000 sqm plot, the facility started operations in 2020 and has a production capacity of 325,000 metric tons per year and boasts of a CO2 capturing process in its paper production. The Company sells its paper as reels, folio sheets, and cut size generic copy paper products some of which are under the Omnia and Maram brand names.

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Crown Paper Mill (CPM)

CPM produces world-class jumbo tissue paper rolls from the highest-grade virgin pulp and aims to become the largest tissue manufacturer in the GCC. The facility is situated on a 50,000 sqm plot in ICAD-III and operates 3 tissue mills utilizing the most advanced equipment from leading international technology partners. It has a total annual production capacity of 100,000 metric tons with 66% global exports and 33% local market share. CPM launched operations in 1996 and was acquired by Ittihad in 2015.

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Metropolic Paper Industries (MPI)

MPI is a market leader in tissue converting in the GCC region. MPI offers cutting-edge solutions with a focus on sustainability using 100% raw virgin pulp and serves top supermarkets, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, and hotels with a portfolio of brands. MPI uses BATP and SteriClean technology, and FSC certified jumbo rolls. It has 36,000 MT p.a. production capacity with 40% global export.

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Union Chemicals Factory (UCF)

Established in 2009, UCF is the Middle East’s largest producer (by volume) of LABSA and SLES, the key ingredients used in producing several industrial and consumer detergents and personal care products. In 2020, UCF acquired a sulphonation plant in KSA, under the name Ittihad Gulf Limited (IGL), increasing its total production capacity to 80,000 metric tons per year. UCF exports 75% of its products to more than 25 countries in MENA, North America, and South Asia. The two facilities are set up in a total of 57,000 sqm plot in ICAD-I and in Yanbu. Al Ittihad International Chemicals Trading (IICT) is the trading arm of UCF and IGL.

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Vital contributors to the industry, producing and supplying essential materials for infrastructure projects and building construction.

National Cement Factory (NCF)

NCF started operations in 2008 and is the leading cement manufacturer in the UAE, with the largest market. NCF runs state-of-the-art grinding station (incorporating two grinding mills) with an annual grinding capacity of 2.2 million metric tons and has a 20,000 MT silos storage capacity, and houses the most advanced laboratory. The factory is situated in a 120,000 sqm plot in ICAD-I and was the first company to introduce ‘Green Cement’ (GGBFS) to the UAE market.

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Union Rebar Factory (URF)

Established in 2005, Union Rebar Factory provides comprehensive reinforced steel solutions and specializes in mechanical coupling systems & solutions, epoxy coating and other engineering services. URF houses modern machinery with a total capacity of 300,000 metric tons of steel bar per year. URF’s facility is setup in a 50,000 sqm plot in ICAD-I in Abu Dhabi & JAFZA in Dubai. URF enjoys a 12% market share in UAE.

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Union Copper Rod (UCR)

UCR was commissioned in 2008 and has the largest rod production line of its kind in the Middle East, with production capacity exceeding 220,000 metric tons per year. Strategically located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi and spanning 35,000 sqm in a centralized facility, UCR primarily produces 8-millimeter and 12.5-millimeter copper rods using Grade A cathode utilizing industry leading technology Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR) casting. UCR has a total global export of 80%.

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Delivering a wide array of specialized services and solutions to both private and public sector that includes procurement, operation and management services for healthcare providers, operation and maintenance services for utilities and infrastructure networks and facilities, and facility and waste management services across municipalities in the UAE.

Unison Capital Investment (UCI)

As a pioneer in Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Unison makes its mark as an innovative and forward-looking entity that is fast becoming the most innovative enabler in the healthcare space. The Public-Private partnership led to the connection of all radiology departments at the UAE’s MOHAP network of 16 hospitals and 6 Centers of Excellence via a new image exchange and management system. Unison launched operations in 2016 and employs more than 300 full-time medical professionals

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Advanced Pipeline Services (APS)

APS specializes in pipeline rehabilitation using Trenchless Technology for sewerage, water, irrigation, storm networks, and oil and gas. Established in 2010, APS is a specialized contractor that provides swift, cost-effective, and competitive services. APS has set for itself the target of bringing innovation, new technology and expertise in the field of pipeline rehabilitation.

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Emirates Link Nitco (ELNITCO)

Emirates Link Nitco started operations in 2002 and is one of the largest operation and maintenance service provider in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. ELNitco O&M services cover sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, and sewage networks across Abu Dhabi Municipalities. The company holds certifications in ISO 9001:2015, 140001:2015, and 180001:2007.

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Malegori Landscape

Malegori specializes in the holistic design, construction and management of landscape, sports and urban facilities. Their vast spectrum of expertise includes irrigation and environmental services, civil works, afforestation, electromechanical works, and facilities management.

SOLV Facilities Management

SOLV Facilities Management is a leading soft cleaning service provider in the UAE distinguished by its commitment to sustainable practices and the use of state-of-the-art technologies that minimize environmental impact. SOLV FM has over 22 years of experience in providing integrated facilities and waste management solutions to both private and public sector.

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West Coast Saubermacher Environmental Services (WCS)

WCS is the leading city cleaning and environmental services company in Abu Dhabi providing non-hazardous solid waste collection services for several commercial, municipal, industrial, and residential clients in more than 500 locations throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The company is approved by the Tadweer authority of ADPHC for AD-OSHMS and Waste Sector OSHMS. Operating since 2004, WCS has more than 4,500 employees.

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Revolutionizing healthcare through innovative and turnkey solutions to medical providers and facilities in the UAE, and Egypt. This vertical also offers comprehensive services and solutions in fund management, logistics and transportation, and interior and design.

Abu Dhabi International Medical Services (ADI)

ADI started operations in 2007 and is a leading regional player in healthcare, supplying high-end medical equipment and full turnkey solutions to both government and private sector. ADI operates under two major divisions which are Lab & Imaging and is a provider of service agreements, spare parts, and critical care products and is a distributor of top medical brands. ADI has executed more than 120 local and overseas projects serving more than 280 hospitals and medical facilities.

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ADI Medical Services Africa (ADI- Africa)

Established in 2022, ADI Medical Services Africa is a primary medical equipment provider and a major healthcare products supplier. With a legacy that started in the UAE, ADI Medical Services LLC aims to establish itself as a guide for key players to follow, maintain its status as a leader in the medical supplies field, and continue investing in promising projects that have the potential to fill a certain gap in the healthcare sector.

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FourMed Medical Supplies

Operating since 2007, FourMed is a turnkey solutions provider of operating theaters, ERs, and supply of surgical equipment and serves more than 280 hospitals and medical facilities across the UAE. FourMed was acquired in 2014 and is committed to offering effective solutions to the clients in terms of necessity, quality, time, and cost efficacy.

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Peak Capital Management

Peak Capital Management specializes in the development and execution of proprietary strategies in capital markets. With a strong focus on innovation and expertise, Peak takes pride in its ability to create and implement unique tactics to navigate and thrive in the dynamic landscape of finance. PEAK’s team of dedicated professionals is committed to staying ahead of the curve, continuously analyzing market trends, and leveraging deep industry knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

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Transportr is a technology startup company that launched a versatile digital freight platform providing comprehensive services by leveraging cutting edge technology and data-driven solutions through a freight marketplace. Transportr’s birth was driven by a thorough analysis of the challenges faced by shippers, coupled with extensive trials aimed at resolving the sector’s challenges. With the power of technology through our digital freight platform, Transportr is unlocking the supply and demand dynamics within the entire supply chain.

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Office Inspirations

Office Inspirations is the sole Steelcase Platinum Partner in the UAE and the region, specializing in providing high-quality interior solutions such as furniture, flooring, and fabrics. Their reputation for working with globally renowned brands has earned them the trust of global companies, government agencies, schools, and universities.

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